xDSL Internet Services

Here at RawApple Communications we are proud to offer our customers a range of xDSL broadband services. We offer all our clients 24/7 support so if you have a problem we can run diagnostics immediately to identify any underlying issues, from line faults to imminent hardware failure.The standard xDSL broadband internet services we are able to offer are

  •      • ASDL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (Version 1))
  •      • ADSL2+ (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (Version 2+)) (Subject to Availability)
  •      • FTTc (Fibre To The Cabinet) (Subject to availability)

These broadband connections are not dedicated broadband lines, so this means that during peak times your broadband throughput may be slower compared to off peak times. From our portfolio of customers who have these services installed.

xDSL broadband internet services are an ideal starting place for small to medium sized businesses who will not require heavy internet usage speeds for day to day usage. With our 24/7 technical support team if you experience any issues with any of our xDSL broadband service products we can run diagnostic testing immediately to determine the exact root cause of your issue to help alleviate your day to day business of any potential networking issues. We can also provide users with a managed xDSL broadband service to give users a peace of mind when changes need to be made to routing equipment.

If you require fast, dedicated internet which will not be affected by performance issues, we offer a range of dedicated internet connectivity solutions from EFM to GEA to FTTp. If you are unsure what service you will require, give us a call on 033 033 373 67 and we can estimate your usage and whether our xDSL broadband service will be suited to you and your organisation.

If you are unsure what services are available in your area, please call us on 033 033 373 67 where we can check to see what services are available in your area. We will require either an existing fixed telephone number or an address. Using addresses to check for availability will give you an estimate of the services whereas a line check will confirm what services are available in your area.