SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is the next step in telephony. It is versatile and works with various phone systems and can be linked to individual handsets.

DDI ranges can be be assigned to trunks to give users their own individual direct dial number. Trunks can be expanded and reduced as and when required. SIP trunking is provided on per channel basis, it provides a cost effective way for businesses to communicate without the need for additional fixed telephone lines to be installed which could be costly for smaller organisations when Openreach installation charges start from £99 for a single PSTN line (Which would only allow 1 call at any time).

SIP Trunks only require internet access to provide your telephone services to your PBX or IP enabled handset. This is beneficial to organisations who utilise multiple broadband connections, for example, if the primary internet connection fails the PBX can connect to the SIP trunk using the alternative broadband connection.

SIP trunking is an ideal replacement to ISDN and PSTN services as Openreach has a phase out plan for both ISDN and PSTN which will be completed by 2025. SIP trunking also provides many other features such as disaster recovery and high definition voice quality which is beneficial to everyone no matter who will be using the services.

If you are unsure whether this could benefit you or your organisation, give us a call on 033 033 373 67 to discuss your needs where a team will be happy to assist you with your needs.