Traditional Lines - ISDN30

Productive and flexible

Aimed at larger enterprise customers to communicate effectively, work more productively and increase their profitability with ISDN30. ISDN30 gives our customers all of the benefits of a digital phone system, including crystal-clear voice-call quality and multi-line flexibility.

Benefits for our customers

More efficient – ISDN30’s instant connections enhance customer service and effiency and customers can enjoy high-bandwidth applications (e.g. video conferencing, large file transfers).

More flexible – Users can have multiple Direct Dial-In (DDI) numbers and separate number for different devices, plus lines can be combined for a higher bandwidth or to link offices via a WAN.

Great multi-tasking – Our customers and have between eight and thirty separate lines, enabling them to perform different tasks simultaneuosly.

Please Note– Different interface cards may be required for your phone system for this type of line to function correctly as it is a digital circuit . Please call us on 033 033 373 67 if you are unsure of what you will need to get the most out of this type of line.