Traditional Lines - PSTN

We are able to offer high-quality PSTN voice services to our customers which sits comfortably with next-generation technologies. PSTN still plays an important role to both business users and individuals wishing to have traditional voice and other services such as the internet within their premises. Our Solution enables us to provide our customers with a service that is both versatile and reliable.

Benefits we can provide you

A choice of offerings - We can provide two types of analogue telephone lines, the first option being a single line option with a basic or premium service level or a multi-line service with a Premium service level as standard.

Reliable support - Our support is backed by the Openreach technical support team, so necessary maintenance and repairs will be carried out to resolve issues as soon as they are reported. We also have access to the Openreach WLR platform allowing us to address issues with our customers lines and track repairs keeping you informed of the current fault status.

In-built versatility - PSTN supports both incoming and outgoing calls, including those via other Public Electronic Communications Networks (PECN) such as Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky. Our infrastructure is capable of routing calls via our PECN to another without any distruption or call quality issues.

Please Note - Using this particular type of line with a VoIP telephone system could result in call quality issues, in particular lag and/or an echo. This will not affect broadband services which can be provided down these lines. This effect may be present if the lines are being used for calls. SIP Trunking going over xDSL services will not be affected as there will not be the conversion between digital and analogue causing the echo or delay in speech. If you are concerned about this issue or wish to speak to someone before committing please call us on 033 033 373 67.